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All Staff Email Addresses

Please find below a list of all Teaching Staff and email addresses. The Faculty pages also list email addresses of staff in each faculty. 

Mr J Allen, PE 
Mrs K Andrews, Mathematics 
Mr A Binnington, Science
Dr J Bremner, Science 
Mr S Brown, Art
Mr H Burton, Geography
Ms S Carter-Tabasso, English 
Mrs J Castro, MFL
Mrs W Cawley, Tech 
Miss R Cottrell, Tech 
Mrs S Doyle, Computing
Mrs L Edmond, English
Mr S Elliott, English
Mrs C Emmerson, Science (on maternity leave)
Mr R Forbes, Science 
Mrs F Foster
, SENco, Assistant Head, Maths 
Mrs S Froud, Learning Support 
Miss M Froud-Davis, Geography
Miss E Furze, English
Mrs H Geary-Andrews, Maths
Miss J Gibb, English
Ms S Ghani, MFL Faculty Leader
Miss C Gooch, Art, Design and Technology
Mrs Z Gothard, Head of Maths 
Mr B Gregory, Head of Humanities
Mrs G Hawthorne, Head of Ethics & Morality 
Mr A Heley, PE 
Miss J Hopkins, Assistant Head, Head of English 
Miss L Hort, Maths 
Mr R Hudson, Head of Art 
Mr G Irwin, Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Jequier, Design & Technology: Food 
Mr J King, Assistant Head, Computing/PE
Mr I Law, English
Mrs S Lawson
, Art
Mr D Leach, PE
Ms A Loosley, Acting Head of Geography 
Miss A Maly, MFL
Mr J Marston, Headteacher, English 
Mr S Meskini, Computing
Mr D Moss, Maths
Dr T O'Neill, Maths
Mrs A Pyatt, Sociology
Miss H Rabey, English
Mr L Reynolds, Maths
Mr L Riolo, MFL 
Mr G Robinson-Slater, PE, Psychology
Mrs A Scanlan, Ethics & Morality 
Mr O Suter, PE, Head of Business Studies 
Mr S Tamblin, Head of PE 
Mr A Tomline, PE, 
Mrs M Tottman, Assistant Head, Performing Arts
Mr A Tristram, Science
Mr S Turner, Science
Mr A Walker, Head of Music 
Mr R Walker, Maths
Miss N Walshe, Science
Mr J Whitlow,
Mr A Wood,
Mr M Wood
, Assistant Head, PE