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Every pupil at St Birinus is in one of four school houses. Throughout the year, there are opportunities for pupils to represent their house in competitions to earn house points. At the end of each year, the house points earned throughout the year are added up and the house with the most points wins the House Cup.

Each house has a colour, as shown below, which is worn by each student as part of his PE kit.

Each area of the school is also represented by a house. To see the map relating to this click on the document below:


Going into Term 4 Spartan topped the House Points Leader Board with 460 points. Athenian were second with 440 points, closely followed by Corinthian and Trojan, both on 430 points. During Term 4 boys have been busy earning points in a variety of ways.

Trojan have made a charge for the top, earning the top prize of 50 points each for their contribution to SBS has got Talent, the House Enrichment Challenge Cards, ‘How Tidy is Your House?’ and the House ICT competition.

Spartan have worked hard to retain their top ranking and earned the most ePraise points – 13762 in total, giving them 50 points. They also claimed the top spot, and another 50 points for highest attendance, 94.7% (against the school target of >95%), and another 50 points for winning the House Art Competition.

Corinthian claimed 50 points from both the House Basketball competition, and Levels of Progress. Athenian claimed the top spot in Extra Curricular Participation, and came second in several other categories.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn points this term. As well as the usual points available for ePraise, attendance, levels of progress etc a House Charity Fundraising Challenge is planned, as well as challenges in Ethics & Morality, Science and PE. The Governors and the Headteacher also plan to set their own challenges for the boys. The table below shows the current standings - the competition is still wide open, with plenty of points up for grabs!